Expo Tips

General / Attendees

  • Set quantifiable objectives for yourself. Plan to connect with at least 25 attendees and or vendors that can help your business grow.
  • Perfect your elevator pitch/introduction. Who are you and what is your business?
  • Be sure to bring plenty of company marketing materials such as flyers and business cards.
  • Become a connector. Building a network means connecting others with people you know can help others grow.


  • Design a strategy that will help promote your company either by print marketing or targeting people that are specific to your business growth.
  • Create a message about your business that’s easily understood by prospects. Pick a few hi-lites and reasons why your company has a competitive advantage.
  • Be assertive. Don’t stand there (or worse, sit) waiting for people to come to you.
  • Displays, brochures, show apparel, and promotional take-homes that will leave a positive impression beyond the final hours of the show.
  • Keep your booth simple. If you can’t afford a lot of extras, at least keep it uncluttered and simple. Have a banner that tells people who you are and what you do.
  • Build traffic to your booth in advance of the show. The simplest way is by sending letters or emails to invite current customers and key prospects.